Vegetarian cooking classes NYC

If you eat everything and want to diversify your diet with healthy dishes or follow a diet, take care of your health and the well—being of your family, love culinary experiments and new taste experiences - these Vegetarian Cooking Classes NYC are for you. The master chef will teach the culinary techniques of vegan cuisine and knows how to cook cabbage that tasted better than any steak. Welcome to the vegan classes NYC!
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Vegetarian classes in Manhattan

Real vegetarian classes in the center of New York
Vegetarian cooking classes NYC are held in an equipped kitchen in the center of New York at a convenient time for you.
A lifehack on cooking vegetarian classes from the chef
Prepare 3 vegetarian dishes in 2 hours together with a professional chef.
Gourmet cuisine cooked at home!
Vegetarian classes in NYC for beginners and in-person. The chef will find an approach to everyone.
Group or private
Guests will be taught how to serve and serve each dish from the vegan cooking course menu beautifully and correctly to the table.


● Crunchy Brussels sprouts with sweet and sour sauce, pecans and labneh
● Cream cheese gyozas
● Strawberry smoothie bowl with chia seeds and granola

160 $ per person
● Authentic hummus with tahini
● Pumpkin ravioli with cream sauce, walnuts and ricotta
● Coconut blancmange with blueberries and strawberry sauce

160 $ per person
Vegetarian classes in Manhattan
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vegetarian cooking classes NYC:

6 interesting facts about vegetarian food

You can learn more about Italian cuisine at vegetarian cooking classes NYC
  • One of the first and most famous vegetarians was the Greek philosopher Pythagoras.
  • Scientific studies have repeatedly shown that a vegetarian diet increases metabolism.
  • The first Renaissance man to advocate vegetarianism was Leonardo da Vinci.
  • Pescetarianism is one of the directions of vegetarianism, in which the consumption of fish is allowed.
  • One of the first and most famous American vegetarians was Benjamin Franklin.
  • India is the country with the largest population of vegetarians.
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