Team building cooking class in NYC

Culinary skills are the necessary basic skills, without which a healthy, healthy and varied family diet is unthinkable. You can master the basics of cooking and become a skilled cook under the guidance of professional chefs, masters of their craft. Take part and get completely overwhelmed by new tastes, knowledge, and a cheerful atmosphere!
A UNIQUE team building cooking class in NYC!

Corporate in Battle of Tables:

Private events, up to 70 participants
An all-purpose team building cooking class in NYC. No matter what your job, age or previous experience is: you will definitely enjoy an event at Battle of Tables.
Menus to meet everyone's tastes: with prices starting from just $130 per person
Italian cuisine, Chinese cuisine, Thai cuisine, and a lot more: we have 18 menus to choose from. Each menu includes three courses with complimentary refreshments.
Unique, exciting, and delicious in corporate cooking events!
Get your team mingling outside of work: escape from the day-to-day office routines, learn something new and share a memorable moment or two together team building cooking class in NYC!
All-inclusive: we handle the program, hosting, and everything you need to cook
Get your team working together with our cooking classes. They will each learn how to make three new dishes and receive recipes via email so they can recreate them at home. Book the perfect opportunity to have fun with your colleagues in a cheerful, relaxed environment.
A gourmet three-course meal made with your own hands.
After completing your team building activity, your colleagues will try the meals they made.
Compete against each other in teams or cook together in corporate cooking classes in NYC!
Choose an event format to suit your aims. Get your staff to know each other or practice teamwork to identify leaders.

PRICES STARTING FROM $130 PER PERSON in team building cooking class in NYC

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What corporate cooking classes in NYC
look like:

The cost is very easy to calculate
Choose a menu, find a price
Multiply by number of your guests
No extra costs, service fees
What is here for you to choose from?
MENU №1 "Florence"
● Pizza with any toppings of your choice
● Caprese salad with freshly made pesto
● Seasonal fruit dipped in chocolate

MENU №2 "Rome"
● Spaghetti alla carbonara
● Caesar salad with chicken breast dressed with a classical creamy sauce containing olive oil, garlic, lemon, and anchovies.
● Chocolate fountain accompanied by vanilla ice-cream

MENU №3 "Milan"
● Risotto with roasted mushrooms and arugula
● Sesame-crusted tuna steaks salad
● Raspberry cupcakes with orange based cream-cheese

The price includes:
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