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We are all used to hearing that real pizza can be tasted only in Italy. But how about trying to cook Italian pizza yourself in New York? A professional chef has nothing to hide. You will get not only delicious Italian pizza of the best quality, but also tips and life hacks for cooking it. Embark on your own culinary adventure in Italy by signing up for a pizza making classes NYC !
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Pizza making classes in Manhattan

Real Italian Pizza in the center of New York
Group or individual pasta making classes in Manhattan for one, a couple or the whole family.
Prepare 3 Italian dishes in 2 hours together with a professional chef.
A lifehack on cooking Italian pasta from the chef
Group or individual classes for one, a couple or the whole family. Romantic dates in a comfortable studio. Welcome to Pizza making classes in Manhattan!
Gourmet cuisine cooked at home!
You are welcome to ask our chef any questions you may have! Find out more about ingredients, recipes, and secret cooking tips. Delight your friends and relatives with new signature dishes!
Group or private: pizza making classes in NYC near me
Group lessons available from $130 per person and private lessons available. Children's cooking classes are available for kids over 5 years old.
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Pizza making classes in NYC
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6 interesting facts about Italian pizza

You can learn more about Italian cuisine at pizza making classes in Manhattan
  • Pizza dough "loves" warm hands. This is the only way to knead the perfect consistency.
  • The most popular pizza in Italy is the classic Margarita.
  • Italians often eat dish not with wine, but with beer - for them they are native in composition.
  • The name of the pizza often indicates where it originated. So the Napoli pizza was created in Naples.
  • Dish appeared in the USA at the end of the 19th century because Italian immigrants rushed to the country.
  • Pizza Day is celebrated on February 9th.
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