Online cooking classes for kids and adults


Choose a menu to your taste, buy the necessary ingredients and join our experienced chefs live from the comfort of your own kitchen for fun hands-on activities. You will have an interesting pastime, new skills and a delicious dinner!
From $ 40 per family for a live class of 90 - 120 minutes
New acquaintances, knowledge, skills and taste sensations
Cook as a couple, with family, children or friends
It is easy to buy the necessary products in the nearest store. We use the simplest kitchen equipment
The best chefs with a sense of humor
Easy, interesting, informative and fun
Get in touch via your phone or laptop. We will send the link to the Zoom the day before.
In 1 lesson you will learn how to cook 3 delicious restaurant-level dishes

Online Cooking Classes

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I need to register each person joining me in my kitchen for the class?
One registration covers one log in from your computer. So you can have as many people join you in your kitchen as you like!
    Can I get a recording of the class?
    In order to protect the privacy of your fellow students and to control the dissemination of our classes, video recordings are not shared.
    Can my kids sign up for the online classes?
    Children under the age of 18 can attend online classes provided that they are supervised by an adult throughout the class. An adult does not have to participate in the lesson, but he should be ready to help the child use the stove and other kitchen equipment if necessary. This is a security consideration.
    Can I join the online cooking class from anywhere?
    Yes! You can join us from anywhere in the world. All classes are held in Eastern Standard Time, so keep this in mind when registering from a different time zone.
    What technology do I need to access the class?
    You will need to download the free Zoom map onto your desktop, tablet or phone before the class. You will receive a separate email that includes a Zoom link to our online class the day before the class start time.
    What if I don't have one of the ingredients or want to make a dietary substitution to the recipe?
    If you have any questions about ingredients and possible substitutions, you can ask them to the chef during the online class. He will definitely offer an alternative option.
    Where can I find the ingredient list?
    After booking, you will receive a confirmation email containing a shopping list. Most of the ingredients are staples and are available at most grocery stores.
    What can I do to be prepared for class?
    We recommend preparing all the ingredients and cooking utensils necessary for our recipes. You do not need to pre-cut, clean or cook, we will do it all together in class!
    Any questions? Just call us +1 (646) 868-38-25 or email us .

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