Battle of Tables | Culinary Studio in NYC


Choose a menu to prepare and eat!

  • We will prepare 3 dishes (salad or appetizer, hot and dessert)
    There are three hefty courses per person: a main course with a side dish and a dessert!
  • Soft drinks for free
    There are tea, coffee, water and juices. No charges for alcoholic beverages brought to our place.
  • Kids' menu
    (over 4 years old)
    Fun and simple to cook, lovely and tasty to eat!
    Cooking birthday parties for kids in NYC!
  • The recipes are easy to follow and perform again at home
    Find out more about useful cookery life-hacks and add some star dishes to your personal list.

Kids' menU

Never before has cooking been so much fun!
Each menu includes three dishes and soft drinks.
KIDS' MENU №1 "Pizza"
(Ages 5 and over)
● Pizza with toppings of your choice
● Shortbread with stained glass candy
● Milkshakes

120 $ per person

KIDS' MENU №2 "Pasta"
(Ages 5 and over)
● Сoloured pasta with meatballs and cheese
● Fruit salad topped with whipped cream and nuts
● Fruit smoothies

120 $ per person
KIDS' MENU №3 "Burgers"
(Ages 8 and over)
● Caramelized onion BBQ burger
● Oven roasted Idaho potatoes - baked apples with cranberries and curd
● Chicken Caesar salad with creamy dressing and crispy croutons

150 $ / per person


MENU №1 "Florence "
● Pizza with any toppings of your choice
● Caprese salad with freshly made pesto
● Seasonal fruit dipped in chocolate

130 $ per person
MENU №2 "Rome"
● Spaghetti alla carbonara
● Caesar salad with chicken breast dressed with a classical creamy sauce containing olive oil, garlic, lemon, and anchovies.
● Chocolate fountain accompanied by vanilla ice-cream

130 $ per person
MENU №3 "Milan"
● Risotto with roasted mushrooms and arugula
● Sesame-crusted tuna steaks salad
● Raspberry cupcakes with orange based cream-cheese

140 $ per person
MENU №4 "Tokyo"
● Tokyo-style ramen noodle soup
● Spicy tuna avocado mango maki
● Fruit roll with brandied pears and cream cheese

140 $ per person
MENU №5 "Bangkok"
● Shrimp Tom Yam soup
● Green chicken curry with mini corn
● Tempura bananas with ice-cream and glazed peanuts

150 $ per person
MENU №6 "Shangai"
● Chicken in sauce choy sun
● Crispy Szechuan-style eggplant and tofu
● Tangerine muffins with chocolate-glazed peanuts

150 $ per person

MENU №7 "Madrid"

● Saffron-infused seafood and chicken paella
● Authentic gazpacho
● Traditional red sangria

150 $ per person
MENU №8 "Hawaii"
● Ahi tuna poke bowl with sesame sauce
● Tiger prawn skewers with pineapples
● Coconut haupiya pudding

150 $ per person
MENU №9 "Thessaloniki" (Greece)
● Dolma with Zaziki sauce
● Eggplant casserole with potatoes, tomatoey beef, mince (Moussaka)
● Traditional cream-filled phyllo pastry (Bougatsa)

150 $ per person
MENU №10 "Tbilisi"
6● Beef khinkali
● Adjarian khachapuri
● Chicken satsivi

140 $ per person
MENU №11 "Turin"
● Creamy salmon fettuccine with capers
● Feta cheese bruschetta with baked bell pepper and pesto sauce
● Chocolate brownie with cherries

160 $ per person
MENU №12 "Venice"
● Classic beef lasagna with ricotta cheese
● Savory baked pears with honey, gorgonzola, and walnuts tiramisù
● Espresso-soaked ladyfingers surrounded by lightly sweetened whipped cream and a rich mascarpone (Tiramisù)

160 $ per person
MENU №13 "Seoul"
● Korean style kimchi ramen
● Crispy pan fried salmon
● Fresh fruit summer rolls with honey-lime dipping sauce

160 $ per person
MENU №14 "New York"
● Black Angus steak in red wine and with quinoa on the side
● Fresh house salad with poached eggs
● Apple pie with caramel syrup and ice-cream

170 $ per person
MENU №15 "Moscow"
● Olivier salad with crab meat
● Pelmeni (meat dumplings)
● Pancakes with red caviar

180 $ per person
MENU №16 "Cannes"

● Seared salmon with creamy leek sauce and couscous seasoned with paprika on the side
● Summer chopped salad with citrus sesame dressing
● Mulled wine poached pears puff pastry

180 $ per person
MENU №17 "Athens"
● Pan-fried sea bass with puttanesca sauce and bulgur on the side
● Green bean salad with olives and sun-dried tomatoes
● Ligurian lemon cake

180 $ per person
MENU №18 "Kyiv"
● Traditional Ukrainian Borscht with Prunes
● Vareniki: potato, bacon and caramelized onion stuffed dumplings
● Pukheniki with homemade jam (a variation of custard donuts)

180 $ per person


● Crunchy Brussels sprouts with sweet and sour sauce, pecans and labneh
● Cream cheese gyozas
● Strawberry smoothie bowl with chia seeds and granola

160 $ per person
● Authentic hummus with tahini
● Pumpkin ravioli with cream sauce, walnuts and ricotta
● Coconut blancmange with blueberries and strawberry sauce

160 $ per person
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