Cooking birthday party for kids in NYC

There is nothing as great as seeing kids smile! Book a fun kids cooking birthday n NYC at Battle of Tables! Your kids will learn to cook their favourite foods under the guidance of our professional chefs!

✔ Have our venue to yourselves for three hours: Exclusive rental means no strangers.
✔ All-inclusive: a party programme, a host, and a tea party.
✔ Cooking skills your kids will definitely find useful in later life!
✔ Prices starting from just $120 per person
KIDS Cooking birthday PARTY in NYC

Unique kids cooking party in NYC

For kids from 5 years old and their parents
It's up to parents to join in the cooking experience or to hang back and take photos.
Unique, exciting, and delicious!
Kids will learn how to make their favorite dishes in a fun and playful way. They will even get recipes so they can make them again at home!
Book a private kids cooking birthday party in NYC, invite anywhere from 5 to 70 guests
You will enjoy a workshop conducted by a professional chef with a tea party and plenty of time to celebrate, dance and hold contests.
Menus especially for children starting for just $90 per person
Simple and fun to cook! All your kid's favorite dishes! Each guest will have 3 dishes with complimentary refreshments.
Our kids cooking birthday party in NYC are conducted by professional chefs who are great with kids.
Here at Battle of Tables we make cooking a type of entertainment!
A dinner made by your kids with their own hands!
Let your kids feed you for once! Additional fruit, appetizers or cake are available.
A unique kids COOKING birthday party IN NYC at a reasonable price!

Kids birthday party celebration in NYC!

The price depends on the meals you choose to cook. Multiply the cost of your menu by the number of guests for the price of your party.

Starting from just $120 per person!

Cooking birthday party for kids in NYC!
The cost is very easy to calculate
Choose a menu, find a price
Multiply by number of your guests
No extra costs, service fees
KIDS' MENU №1 "Pizza"
(from 5 y. o)
● Pizza with toppings of your choice
● Shortbread with stained glass candy
● Milkshakes

120 $ per person
KIDS' MENU №2 "Pasta"
(from 5 y. o)
● Сoloured pasta with meatballs and cheese
● Fruit salad topped with whipped cream and nuts
● Fruit smoothies
120 $ per person
KIDS' MENU №3 "Burgers"
(from 8 y. o)
● Caramelized onion BBQ burger
● Oven roasted Idaho potatoes - baked apples with cranberries and curd
● Chicken Caesar salad with creamy dressing and crispy croutons

150$ per person
Arrange a kids cooking birthday party in NYC in two clicks!
Fill in an online application form OR phone us: +1 (646) 868-38-25