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Looking for some extraordinary birthday party idea to surprise and excite with? Why not arrange a party to remember at our place? There is our venue at your service to take part in a captivating workshop carried out by a professional chef! Enjoy three hours of music, dancing, fine cuisine dishes and new knowledge together with your guests.

With a minimum price of $ 100 per person. All-inclusive!
An unconventional way to celebrate a birthday party in NYC

Cooking birthday party in New York for adults and children

Private events, from 4 to 70 participants.
With a minimum celebration fee of $ 500 in NYC stylish spacious kitchen hall and up-to-date kitchen appliances and equipment are at your service.
For adults and kids over 5 years old
An all-purpose idea for a birthday party in NYC! There are cooking activities for your guests to get involved in, regardless their age, social status or whatsoever. No one stands aside!
It's up to you what to cook!
With a minimum fee of $ 100 per person
There are 150 dishes of international cuisine to choose from! Three courses to cook for one cooking lesson: a main course, a salad/a soup and a dessert! Ingredient lists and recipes to study and perform once again at your place on your own!
The host of the event is a chef with a sense of humor
A chef who undoubtedly knows how to make guests feel at home and who is responsible for teaching you how to cook, as well as creating a relaxed atmosphere to make you feel comfortable.
All-inclusive: venue renting, event plan, host service, food
An imaginative kind of entertainment, new knowledge and funny photos. An event to remember!
Cook, communicate, have fun and try meals out at our cooking class!
A fine dinner within you family and friends
Regular eating out in a restaurant is nowhere near as delicious, exciting and cozy as participating in our workshop! It's up to you to bring any outside alcohol, fruit or cake.

Have a look! This is what your celebration may be like:


Have a birthday party in NYC in an unusual way at a reasonable price!

The price depends on the meals you choose to cook. Multiply that by the number of guests and you will get the total price of your celebration.

With a minimum fee of $ 100 per person

What is here for you to choose from?
Italian cuisine "Florence "/
● Pizza, toppings at your choice
● Capresе salad, dressed with pesto sauce
● Dipped in chocolate season fruit

100 $ / per person
Italian cuisine "Rome" /
● Carbonara pasta
● Ceasar chicken salad, classical dressing
● Chocolate fountain and vanilla ice-cream

100 $ / per person
Italian cuisine "Milan" /
● Mushroom and arugula risotto
● Sesame-breaded tuna salad (Nicoise)
● Raspberry cupcake with orange cream cheese

110 $ / per person

The price includes:
Reserved for a private celebration, our venue is at your service for three hours!
One and a half or two-hour long workshop is followed by an hour-long celebration.

In case there are over 20 guests, your celebration time is prolonged up to four hours. Any further time extensions are available for an additional charge.
An entertaining cooking workshop carried by
a professional chef is here for all your gueststo participate!
Don't want your guests to resist mouth-watering aromas? Arrange the buffet to be ready at your service by their arrival.

There are three courses to cook (a main course, a side dish and a dessert) and there is plenty of time to communicate and have fun together. Our chefs make perfect hosts who are to ensure there isn't a single chance you may get bored!
Soft drinks and all dishes
All our menus include soft drinks, such as water, coffee, tea and juices

We take no charge for outside groceries, such as fruit, candies etc. So, it's up to you to bring any!
A Corkery fee
Though we don't sell alcohol, we don't mind you bringing your own alcohol. Moreover, we don't even сharge a corkage fee!
Mood music
There is always nice music playing to promote a cheerful mood and create some relaxed entertainment. It's up to you to put your own tracklists on play. We don't mind you inviting a dj, either.
A fine dinner of three courses per person.
A cooking workshop is followed by a fine dinner of three courses made with your own hands.

There are three hefty courses per person, together with soft drinks served.
Leisure time to dance and hang out together.
Have a presentation or a lecture, award your best employees, hold contests, a photoshoot. Or maybe you just want to have a heart-to-heart communication? As you wish!

If there are any kids taking part - feel free to invite an entertainer for them!
Arrange a birthday party celebration in NYC in two clicks!
Fill in an online application form OR phone us: +1 (646) 868-38-25
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