Сooking classes in New York
for children and adults

Learn how to cook dishes from all over the world under the guidance of our professional chefs!
Enjoy a delicious dinner in a cozy atmosphere – have an evening to remember! Learn new recipes and cooking tricks to try out back home!

We will:
Hang out together and have fun!
✔ Cook, experiment, and try your own creations!
A unique party in New York

Group and private cooking classes in New York

We're available any day, any time!
Looking for to cooking class in NYC near me nearby? We are available every day of the week in Manhattan: +1 (646) 868-38-25.
Group and private cooking class in NYC near me
Group lessons available from $130 per person and private lessons available. Children's cooking classes are available for kids over 5 years old.
It's up to you what to cook!

We have 18 menus from all over the world to choose from and every cooking lesson includes cooking three courses: a main course, a salad or a soup, and a dessert in cooking class NYC near me!
Our workshops are carried out by experienced chefs
They aren't just here to teach you how to cook. Our chefs are also fantastic hosts who create a cheerful atmosphere so that you and your guests have a great time in cooking cooking class NYC near me.
3 in 1: we offer you a unique and fun experience, new tips and tricks for cooking at home, and a classy dinner!
Dining out in a restaurant is nowhere near as fun or interesting! Our cooking lessons in Manhattan give you a peek into what goes on behind the scenes at top-class restaurants.
Gourmet cuisine cooked at home!
You are welcome to ask our chef any questions you may have! Find out more about ingredients, recipes, and secret cooking tips. Delight your friends and relatives with new signature dishes!

Choose a format and book a convenient date

Group and private cooking classes

Schedule for group classes: April-June

Group cooking classes in NYC near me

Kids' Group cooking classes in NYC

Never before has cooking been so much fun!
Each menu includes three dishes and soft drinks.

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