Bachelorette party in NYC

Why not arrange an evening to remember at our place? Do something unique and fun for your bachelorette party in NYC. Our venue is at your disposal to have fun, relax and cook delicious meals in cooking classes in NYC.

✔ A stylish kitchen with a dance floor nearby.
✔ All-inclusive: the party program, host, and everything you need to cook included in the price!

✔ Prices start from $130 per person in cooking classes in NYC.
culinary classes in nYC!

A bachelorette party workshop in NYC

Bachelorette parties from 3 to 60 people
Want to do something a bit different for your bachelorette party in NYC? Tired of the same old bars and restaurants? Book a cookery workshop at BATTLE OF TABLES!
Unique, exciting, and delicious in cooking classes in NYC!
Our professional chefs are perfect hosts who make cooking an enjoyable and entertaining experience. Learn how to cook gourmet dishes for the same price as going to a restaurant!
Bring your own alcohol in cooking classes in NYC.
Feel free to bring your own alcohol, we don't charge a corkage fee.
It's all-inclusive!
Prices start from $130 per person. We offer: Hall rental, an experienced host, entertainment, delicious meals, and time for partying! Each guest will enjoy a three-course meal.
The perfect idea for a bachelorette party in NYC!
No doubts, our place is one of the most unique bachelorette party destinations in NYC: hang out and have fun with your friends, learn cool new recipes, and experience dishes from all over the world.
Enjoy a classy dinner together! Made from scratch with your own hands!
Book a unique bachelorette party in NYC for a reasonable price!
Cooking classes in NYC

Book a unique bachelorette party in NYC for a reasonable price

The price depends on the meals you choose to cook. Multiply the cost of your menu by the number of guests for the price of your party.

Starting from $130 per person

The cost is very easy to calculate
Choose a menu, find a price
Multiply by number of your guests
No extra costs, service fees
A selection of our menus:
MENU №1 "Florence"
● Pizza with any toppings of your choice
● Caprese salad with freshly made pesto
● Seasonal fruit dipped in chocolate

MENU №2 "Rome"
● Spaghetti alla carbonara
● Caesar salad with chicken breast dressed with a classical creamy sauce containing olive oil, garlic, lemon, and anchovies.
● Chocolate fondant accompanied by vanilla ice-cream

MENU №3 "Milan"
● Risotto with roasted mushrooms and arugula
● Sesame-crusted tuna steaks salad
● Raspberry cupcakes with orange based cream-cheese

The price includes:
Book a cooking classes
bachelorette party in NYC in 2 clicks!
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