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Get together with your friends and family to cook delicious gourmet cuisine under the guidance of our chefs! Book a gastronomic adventure at Battle of Tables!

Celebrate any occasion in a unique way: book a romantic date, birthday party, birthday party for adults in culinary school NYC and more. Let us show you how fun cooking can be!

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Events in culinary school in NYC

Best cooking classes in NYC city in Financial Dictrict Manhattan
We are located next to the metro. We are open every day from 10 AM to 9 PM. Book events: +1 (646) 868-38-25.
Daily events from 2 to 70 people
No matter your age or skill level – you will definitely enjoy our events in cooking studio NYC!
20 menus to choose from starting from just $90 per person in cooking studio NYC!
Each of our classes includes cooking a full three-course meal from a choice of countries (e.g. Italian, Chinese, Spanish, American, Russian). Every menu includes a main course, a salad or soup, and a dessert.
Our workshops will get you motivated! Culinary school NYC!
A cheerful atmosphere and our experienced chefs mean it's guaranteed you will enjoy your time with your friends, family or colleagues.
It's 3-in-1! We're offering a unique and fun activity, new tips and tricks for cooking at home and a classy dinner!
Learn to make restaurant-quality meals for the same price as eating out. At Battle of Tables, you can learn to cook while having fun and trying out new dishes!
Gourmet cuisine, cooked at home!
Learn about ingredients, recipes, and secret cooking tips. Add new star dishes to your repertoire and surprise your friends and family!

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Best Cooking Studio NYC!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How old should participants be in cooking studio NYC?
Our classes are suitable for anyone over the age of 5.
    Do you host group/individual workshops?
    Of course!

    Group cooking classes are held 1-2 times a week in groups of up to 15 people. Classes start from $100 per participant.

    Individual lessons can be booked at your convenience. No one will be at the class except you, your guests, and our chef.
    How do I sign up for cooking class or book an event in cooking studio NYC?
    Just call us: +1 (646) 868-38-25

    Our manager will help you select a menu and book a convenient date and time.
    Is alcohol allowed during in cooking studio NYC!?
    We don't sell alcohol, but you can bring your own for no extra charge.
    Any queries?
    Call us:
    +1 (646) 868-38-25

    Or leave your phone number and we will get in touch with you to provide more information and sign you up for a workshop in culinary school NYC.
    Party for adults or kids in culinary school in NYC!

    ✔ Purchase both online and at the studio.
    ✔ A unique gift for someone you care about!
    ✔ Gift certificates start from $ 90.
    Want to learn how to cook some cool news dishes or celebrate a special occasion in a unique way?
    Fill in an online application or call us: +1 (646) 907-52-52
    What are you interested in?