Battle of tables
Battle of tables

Culinary school in NYC for adults and children

Together with your relatives and colleagues - join us and cook outstandingly delicious haute cuisine meals under the guidance of our chef! A gastronomic adventure of a lifetime is here for you to take on!

Not only are we here for you to celebrate extraordinarily any holiday you like or to set up a romantic date, but also eager to show you the way to ENJOY COOKING!


Event and cooking classes in New York city

Cooking school in New York city in Midtown Manhattan
We are located next to the metro. We are waiting for you to visit every day from 11 to 22. Book events: +1 (646) 907-52-52.
Daily cooking events
from 2 to 70 people
No matter what age you are, no matter what your job and culinary arts skills are - here we've got something you will definitely enjoy doing!
There are 30 menus to choose from with a minimal fee of $90 per person
One class in NYC includes cooking 3 hefty-portion meals of various international cuisines (e.g. Italian, Chinese, Spanish, American, Russian). A main course, a salad/a soup and a dessert - three all together!
Being carried out by well-experienced chefs, our workshops will surely get you captivated!
And a cheerful atmosphere is another inevitable point to make sure you are enjoying your time together with your friends, family or colleagues.
It's 3 in 1 here! We have got to offer you an unusual and fun activity, new skills to get and even more - a fine dinner!
It's both far more delicious and far more entertaining than simple eating out in a restaurant! At New York cooking class learning how to cook goes together with hanging out, having fun and trying new dishes out!
Dishes of haute cuisine are to be cooked at your place!
Find out everything about ingredients, recipes and secret cookery tips, make a hit with your new star dishes whatever occasion it is!

the atmosphere of our events:


Frequently Asked Questions:

How old should participants be to join?
From 5 year
    Are there any group/individual workshops?
    Of course!

    Group cooking classes are held 1-2 times a week according to the schedule. In a group of up to 15 people. The cost starts from $ 100 per participant.

    An individual lesson can be ordered at any free time. No one will be at the class except you, your loved ones and our boss. Choose the menu yourself.
    How do I sign up for a cooking class in NYC or book an event?
    Just call us: +1 (646) 907-52-52

    Our manager will answer all your questions, help with the selection of the menu and book a convenient date and time of the event for you.
    Is alcohol allowed during the classes?
    We don't sell alcohol, but you can bring it with you for free
    Got any inquiries?
    Phone us, +1 (646) 907-52-52
    Or leave your phone number and we will get in touch with you to provide more information and sign you up for a workshop.
    Impressions make better gifts than things do!

    ✔ Easy to purchase both online and offline.
    ✔ An extraordinary present to light up any celebration!
    ✔ There are certificates available with a minimal value of $ 90
    Want to learn how to cook a few cool dishes and celebrate some special occasion in an exciting way?
    Fill in an online application or phone us: +1 (646) 907-52-52
    What are you interested in?
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